Greyscale, Fashion And Accessories For Dogs & Cats

Our Brands

The small French brand imagined in 2009 by Sylvain Brejon, art director for major children's fashion brands, has become a reference in the world of chic accessories for dogs.

Each season Milk&Pepper imagines and reinvents new collections with Trendy (Milk) or Rock'n'roll (Pepper) touches inspired by the great trends of fashion and interior design.

With custom-made ranges adapted to small dogs, bulldogs/Pugs,… Milk&Pepper combines, through its creations, trend and quality.

How about you? Are you a Milk or a Pepper?

NOOX created in 2012 by Greyscale is available in 2 universes, on one side, Noox generation, and its trendy and urban collections (Coats / Sweats / Sweaters / Cushions...) for small city dogs, and on the other side NOOX Technic and its sportswear and colorful spirit combining functionality and comfort, (Parkas / Polars) for sports and nature lovers.

This toy brand for dogs and cats, coming straight from the United States (and distributed in exclusivity by Greyscale*), offers you playful and intelligent toys. Always searching new concepts, new materials or new forms, R2P benefits from a unique knowledge in innovation. Now it's up to you. (Ready to Play)

*Available for sale in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain, Italy, Kuwait and Malta.